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VBS 2021
September 23-24

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Jesus is:

The Lord Jesus Christ is the center of Christianity and remains the center of the Glorious Life Church message and mission. We serve Him and proclaim His love and grace to all. Born of a virgin, having lived a sinless life, he offered Himself to God as an atonement for sin. Through faith in Him, men, women, boys and girls can experience full forgiveness of sins, the new birth and the gift of eternal life in heaven forever.

The whole of scripture is focused on His First and Second Coming. The story of Scripture is a narrative of grace, the grace of the Lord Jesus. Please watch the video below to understand the story of Scripture, which is the story of Jesus.

To begin and experience an eternal relationship with God, ask yourself these questions:

– Do I believe that Jesus Christ was the only and unique Son of God?

– Do I understand that He came into this world on a mission to redeem sinners to God and that His death was sufficient for me?

If you are not sure about the above, please feel free to contact us and we will share with you the good news!  The greatest gift in the whole world is to have believed on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indian Malayalam Service at 9:30 AM every Sunday

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Here are our upcoming events:


VBS 2021
September 23-24




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Hired Premises Address: 
109 Golda Ave, Salisbury QLD 4107


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